Duration            48 Hours (CiGA Game Jam 2018)
Team Size          3 
Platform            PC​​​​​​​ + Controllers
Project Info:
HHHHHHUG is a fun PC arcade game made in CiGA Game Jam 2018, in a team of three, within 48 hours, in which players need to stretch their necks and kiss their girlfriends as many times as possible to win the game.  
Notable Contribution:
■  Worked as the programmer, implemented the whole game within 48 hours.
Interesting stories behind it:
■  In our playtestings, many players played it as a fighting game using their heads.
■  The theme of this game jam is the picture below.
■ There are many ways to interpret this picture, relationship, love, etc. But everyone on my team wants to make something simple, fun and stupid, we used the most simple explanation of the image: a man and a woman hugging. We came up with the idea that two boys stretching their necks to kiss their girlfriends through windows. Girls will open their windows at any time. The boys need to grab the chance, kiss their girls while the window is still open. They will get a kiss only if she is the right girl, otherwise, a slap and the girl angrily closes the window. Boys' girlfriends will change over time, and who gets more kisses wins.​

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