Duration            3 weeks (Dec 2018)
Team Size          6 
Platform            HTC Vive​​​​​​​
Project Info:
“The Gallery” is an artistic VR experience where the guest could walk into world-famous artworks and be able to interact with what's inside the paintings.
The guest will be invited to "a magic gallery" and find all the paintings messed up after a power outage. The guest needs to walk into the painting to interact with the painting world in order to fix it.
Showcased during ETC BVW Festival 2017. During which we matched the virtual gallery to fit the real physical space. And decorated the actual room to look like the virtual gallery. When players put on the headset, they will see the virtual gallery look just like where they are. 
Notable Contribution:
■ Worked as a programmer, implemented gameplay, game mechanisms, visual effects, and etc.
■ Designed and iterated the interaction flow to make sure players are able to figure the puzzles out without any hints. 
■ Held playtest sessions. Iterated based on feedback to make the game understandable and enjoyable even for naive guests.

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