Duration            3 weeks (Dec 2018)
Team Size          6 
Platform            HTC Vive​​​​​​​
Project Info:
“The Gallery” is an artistic VR experience where the guest could walk into world-famous artworks and be able to interact with what's inside the paintings.
The guest will be invited to "a magic gallery" and find all the paintings messed up after a power outage. The guest needs to walk into the painting to interact with the painting world in order to fix it.
This project was
Notable Contribution:
■ Worked as a programmer, implemented gameplay, game mechanisms, visual effects, and etc.
■ Designed and iterated the interaction flow to make sure players are able to figure the puzzles out without any hints. 
■ Held playtest sessions. Iterated based on feedback to make the game understandable and enjoyable even for naive guests.

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