Duration            Ongoing Project
Team Size          5 
Platform            Tabletop + Digital
Project Info:
Zhan Guo is a board game about the Warring States period of ancient China(see Wiki). In the game, players support different countries or emperors, achieve their goals to gain winning points by playing event cards each turn. Players bid to become the hose of the turn. The host can declare their strategy, choose which cards will be effective, and which not. It's a game about secretly fulfill goals. 
One hope we have for this game is players can get to know more about the period by playing this game, so we want the game to be historically true. We did a lot of research on characters to make sure they stay true with the historical facts. In addition to general event cards, we added many real historical events for players to play, including wars, political events, natural phenomenons to make the game feel more authentic. 
Currently, we have expanded the team with 2 programmers. As the game keeps evolving, we are also planning to digitalize it so it is more accessible. With a more complete prototype, our plan is to take it to kick-starter and publish it for real in the future.
You can find the rules book here: 中文版, English version
Notable Contributions
■  Designed the basic game systems, including turn based process, player actions, interactions, rules, etc. 
■  Iterate the card deck based on playtest results and feedback. 

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